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We help you get healthy in ways you actually enjoy.

Meet Kevin.

Your Intelligent Coach that helps you build healthy habits. Kevin is the first ever virtual fitness coach that modifies behavioral coaching based on your personality.

  • Smart Virtual Coach

    With our personality assessment, Kevin knows exactly what style of coaching you need.

  • Learn your 'what'

    Find habits you actually enjoy. Reaching fitness goals will be easier than ever.

  • Failure isn't possible

    Kevin monitors your weekly progress and adapts his coaching to your needs.

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Welcome to the Team.

Join your friends for team glory and individual success.

  • Challenges

    Your team needs you. Everyone contributes to a common goal, together.

  • Competitions

    Compete against other teams. The healthy rivalry will keep you coming back for more.

  • Don't let the team down

    Just kidding. But seriously, don’t we all do better when we’ve got a team?

Perk Health for Business

The fastest, easiest, and most engaging wellness program.

People Like It

If they don’t like it, they’ll never stick with it. We get 10X the engagement of traditional wellness products.

People Do It

Health changes take time. Our platform caters to each individual to keep them hooked.

1-Day rollout

Taking care of your employees can be easy. Get your entire organization on board in less than one day.

Start your team today.

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Learn about Perk Health for Business

Perk Health is conducting a breakthrough research project in the field of personalized behavioral interventions. Lead by a group of Ph.Ds from different silos of psychology, it combines Personality Psychology with Behavioral and Cognitive interventions in a way never done before.

The result is the ever evolving engine that drives our virtual coach and its ability to tailor recommendations, feedback, and behavior change interventions based on how each individual's brain functions.

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