Health doesn't have to be hard.


Health doesn't have to be hard.


We are what we repeatedly do


As the saying goes, excellence is a habit. So is health. Perk Health uses behavioral science to make it easier than ever to build healthy habits that really stick. 


Feel successful from the start

Achievable daily goals

Small goals are the best way to think about your health. When you feel successful, you're more likely to stick with it.

Something for everyone

With over 160+ different types of physical activity and options for reducing stress ranging from meditation to coloring, no matter what you’re into, Perk Health can help you make it a habit.


Rewards that feel like rewards

Log an activity, get a buck

When you log an activity that meets (or exceeds) your daily goal, you get $1. No reimbursement forms to fill out. No gift cards to manage. You make a healthy choice, you get $1.


When new behaviors are followed with small rewards, new neural pathways in the brain are created.

This cycle creates automaticity and is how habits are created.

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Never feel alone

Following friends motivates you

Following your friends lets you see the healthy things they’re doing which has a subtle but measurable impact on you sticking with your new habits.

Following friends motivates them

All it takes is a click to send co-workers and teammates a  “kudos”. Our researchers have found this small action makes them measurably more likely to stick with their goals.


Teams that feel like teams

Team up

Team up with co-workers across the office or across the globe to build healthier habits together.

Compete against other teams

Go head to head against other teams from different department, locations, or even other companies. Work together to achieve team goals. Get bragging rights and healthier habits at the same time.


Meet Chris

Ai Habit Coach

Coach Chris is an AI-driven coach just for you. Rather than telling you how many pushups you should do, Coach Chris will send you emails and push notifications teaching you about how your personality shapes the way you build and sustain habits.

Powered by your personality 

Every piece of advice, celebration, or reminder you get from Coach Chris is based on what makes you you–your personality and individual differences.