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Research: Behavioral Trait Mapping

Why are some people able to start running and stick with it forever? What makes people sign up for a gym membership and fall off a few weeks later? These are the questions we set out to solve. By teaming up with behavioral scientists, personality psychologists, and experts in health and fitness, we’ve begun mapping how a person’s personality influences the formation of new habits and drawing connections between different types of physical activities and unique personality indicators.

The Perk Health Team

It all started in a dorm room at the University of Minnesota. We wanted to create something that would help people find rewards in the things that are good for them. As we looked at the healthcare landscape, we realized this was the only way to make meaningful differences in the economics of healthcare as well as the individual experiences of its users. Enter Perk Health. Inspired by the sports we grew up playing, we’re on a mission to make healthy habits as much fun as tee ball or soccer were when we were kids.


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