Look around you office. You can see people's habits play out right in front of your eyes. You'll probably see some bad habits. Slouching. Mindless junk food consumption. The frazzled eyes of too much time in front of a computer. But also take note of the good habits. Someone keeping up on their water consumption. A walking meeting.

Other people's habits are contagious. Psychologists call this social norming. It's the idea that what we see around us informs what we think is normal. Said another way, what we see around us, both consciously and subconsciously, become our habits.

Linde, a worksite wellness coordinator in Minnesota, talks about how Perk helped him harness social norming to build healthier habits. 

The Perk Health tool has definitely motivated me a few times during our challenge because I don’t want to let my team down and knowing that I skip a workout or take the bus versus walking to my destination that I’m not able to log my participation and that lets my team. My days can get busy and the window to get my strength training in can be small and the decision to do something versus continuing to work is there but knowing I will not complete my goal keeps me honest and forces me to decide to get my workout in. I can tell my strength is improving and having this tool to keep me accountable is a benefit.
- Linde