Stressed isn’t a good look on anyone. But balancing a demanding job, family, friends, and adult responsibilities can make finding time to “de-stress” seem impossible.

Most people think about de-stressing as a big event. Maybe a beach vacation or an indulgent massage. But you’ll reap the most benefits from de-stressing if you can find a small thing to do every day.

Maybe it’s a taking some alone time during your lunch hour or committing to spend some time with friends. You could even try an adult coloring book which has seen a recent uptick in popularity.

Ben, a middle school teacher, uses the Perk Health app to stay on top of these little mindful moments and encourage his co-workers to stick to their habits too.

As someone who often struggles to manage stress, taking time out each day to look at my application could have been another accidental stressor. But instead of looking at the icon and thinking: "shoot! I've got to hurry up and work on cutting down on my stress!!", it became a nice checkpoint to share progress with friends. I could see who else was relaxing and ask for their tactics. Others could cheer me on when I was on track or prompt me if I started to struggle. It was a great way to build a strong mindfulness habit, and one I will keep working to hold on to every day.
- Ben