You hear it every time you get on an airplane. But what does it have to do with wellness?

When things get hard for people around you, it’s easy to forget the airplane oxygen mask rule. You can’t help anyone if you don’t take care of yourself.

This is true at work during busy, stressful times for your team. If you’re a leader, it’s important for you to take care of yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally so you can support your team. It’s also true at home with loved ones.

Leon, a healthcare worker, shared his story of sticking to his healthy routine despite some major life stressors.

Perk Health played an especially important role in my life when a family member was experiencing serious health concerns requiring intensive treatment over an extended period of time.  My stress levels increased rapidly as I tried to manage my work/life balance and support family members, navigate mounting job responsibilities, unplanned financial expenditures, interrupted sleep…..etc.  I knew that I would not be helpful to anyone else if I did not make a concerted effort to take care of myself.
I had been participating in the Perk Health Program for several years and found that I could quickly incorporate a couple of modest changes into my weekly fitness routine to address daily stressors and reduce the negative impact on my health.  Using the Perk Health Tool, I found that I could effortlessly plan a flexible exercise program, establish realistic daily goals and easily record the accomplishments.  The program held me accountable in a supportive, positive and encouraging fashion.  It gave me a sense of purpose and commitment, as though I was running a parallel course of treatment with my family member and gaining commensurate strength.  I noticed better rest at night, improved perspective, attitude and hope.  We got through this challenge successfully, and I continue to use the Perk Health platform daily.