Changing an old habit is tricky business. The first step is actually noticing the bad habit in the first place. The truth is, we pick up a lot of them from our family, friends, or co-workers subconsciously.

This “peer pressure” or as behavioral psychologists call it, social norming, can have a huge effect on your health.  

We take habits seriously over here at Perk so Jennifer, a busy, expecting mother, share her story of using Perk Health made our day. She talks about how the program helped her notice habits she inherited from her family and change them for the better.

When my company rolled out Perk Health, I immediately got excited and jumped all over that!  For me, tracking and logging is an integral part of maintaining accountability and keeping me on track.
I’ve been focused on my health and well-being since a relatively early age due to a family history of heart disease.  As a high school sophomore, I had received that terrifying phone call that my father had his first heart attack … at age 38. My father is now an insulin dependent type-II diabetic and had another heart attack at age 57.  And I can’t forget that his mother, my grandmother, who died at age 54 of a heart attack.
It’s these events that solidified a promise to myself to be present for life, and to do so, I need to be healthy. Not only has working out been great for me physically, it’s been an important aspect of maintaining my mental and emotional health.  I appreciate that the Perk Health app recognizes this approach to whole health, and I appreciate the simplicity and culture of community the app brings. I love seeing my peers work toward and achieving awesomeness. J =
Now, that I’m 5 months pregnant, it’s positive reinforcement for me to maintain my health and ensure I am tracking with my goals.
- Jennifer